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About Monique Lily 

Monique Lily is an all-round Makeup Artist from Amsterdam. She does beauty makeup, hairstyling, face & body painting, sfx, photography and editing and has been teaching at shows and conventions in The Netherland, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Austria (WBF), USA and Israel.

She is known for her unique free flowing 'mystic' lines and creating from the heart. She loves to share her art and knowledge and inspire others to find their own authentic flow.

Monique loves to be around people and connect with them but she also feels that this online era is an opportunity to reach and teach more people and to share more!  


When you see a "Monique" body paint or face paint", you know it! An amazing "one of a kind" signature style I love. I am a puddle of emotion and awe in front of her work.

I have been a Monique Lily groupie for years! Her unique style talks to me. I am not a realistic painter so doing "Monique" allows amazing results for myself and all those taking her classes.

I have taken all she has to offer at every opportunity I've had during my face and body painting career. I feel it is a must class, as she teaches amazingly, giving all her secrets showing you how to free yourself from traditional and emotional contraints - pushing you to let go and finding new hidden talents you have within yourself. It is not easy letting go! But I have done amazing paints with what I have learned at her classes. Don't think twice about it. If she has an opening sign up!! You will free your mind to an amazing new style.

I did!!!

Michelle Tam


Monique is a walking inspiration, everything about her and everything she does is inspiring!!!!

She is so talented and so unique, it seems she is living her life’s purpose to spread love.

She teaches how to reconnect to our self and to higher powers.

She is a master of energy, she actually knows how to paint energy, and she shows it in her body painting creations.

She is also a master of understanding the way the body is built and how the lines of the body flows in the most incredible way.

She is so talented, unique and great yet she is honest, modest, loving, helpful and giving!

She is a wonderful teacher of techniques, colors, paintings but she is always to a personal example of sincerity, kindness and love!

We live in different continents but I always feel Moniques presents and inspiration in my life.

And i am so thankful that we meet a few years ago fabaic convention, where she was my body painting instructor.

Thank you Monique for everything you are for me, and all the difference you make in my life by spreading your art, knowledge, life and love.

Elisheva Avivi 

Tampa, USA


meer foto's in de Galerij of check onze socials:!

more pics in the Gallery or check our Socials! 

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